Şantes Incinerator

SANTES has been specialized on incineration technology since 1990 and has Bureau Veritas Certified ISO 9001:2008quality management system and CE Certificate.

SANTES aims to manufacture the most efficient and feasible incinerators while maintaining the environmental quality and sustainability. In accordance with those scopes, many incinerators serving for different purposes has been manufactured and most of them has satisfied the requirements of the customers and are still in operation.

SANTES Incinerator is superior to other waste disposal systems because of its,

  • Easy maintenance,
  • Fully automated control mechanism that prevents operational handicaps,
  • Compliance with EPA and EU regulations related to solid and
  • hazardous waste incineration.
  • Minimized operational and maintenance cost,
  • Energy can be recovered by means of heat recovery.
  • Easy accessibility of the spare parts,
  • Feasibility and long life.

Following types of machines are currently in our area of business;

  • Hazardous Waste Incinerator
  • Medical Waste Incinerator
  • Animal Waste and Carcass Incinerator (Crematory)
  • Municipal Waste Incinerator
  • Sludge Incinerator
  • Shipboard Incinerator
  • Propellant Incinerator

Şantes Incinerator

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