Incinerator Systems

Hazardous / Industrial Waste


Wastes originated from industrial operations; factories, plants etc. can be destructed with the use incinerator systems.

Hazardous wastes can be in the form of:

  • liquid,
  • solid,
  • gas,
  • sludge


They can be discarded commercial products, like cleaning fluids or pesticides, or the by-products of manufacturing processes. For the destruction of industrial wastes, SANTES designs and manufactures incineration systems which may have different capacities.


Main Futures:

  • Tailor Made design
  • Rotary kiln application for bigger capacities and ability to operate 24/day
  • Special liquid waste injection system for superior efficiency
  • 1000 C in Primary Combustion chamber
  • 1100 C in Post Combustion chamber
  • 2 seconds residence time
  • Can be designed for any local or international regulation such as EPA, EU 2000/76/EC (or 2010/75/EU)
  • Energy recovery option is available (hot air, thermal oil, steam, hot water, electricity)
  • Starved air incineration method can be applied
  • Fully automated system options
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Integrated multi-pollutant treatment system
  • Suitable for variety of hazardous waste from different sources of industries
  • Can handle high moisture content
  • Produce clean ash with small quantities depending on the waste content
  • Automatic ash removal system option


Examples of Hazardous Waste Generated By Industries and Businesses:

Waste Generator   Waste Type
Chemical Manufacturers   Acids and Bases, Spent Solvents, Reactive Waste, Wastewater Containing, Organic Constituents
Printing Industry   Paint Solutions, Waste Inks, Solvents, Ink Sludge Containing ,
Petroleum Refining Industry   Wastewater Containing ,Benzene & other Hydrocarbons ,Sludge from Refining Process
Leather Products Manufacturing   Toluene and Benzene
Paper Industry   Paint Waste Containing, Ignitable Solvents
Construction Industry   Ignitable Paint Waste, Spent Solvents, Strong Acids and Bases
Metal Manufacturing   Sludge containing , Cyanide Waste, Paint Waste