Incinerator Systems



Santes is one of the leading companies for designing and manufacturing Propellant Waste Incineration Systems in the scope of Demilitarization Projects. Propellant wastes include solid rocket fuel, gun powder, M1SU, M9SU M1 to M7. Since the volume of these wastes can expand enormously when it is attempted to incinerate such wastes and to avoid big deflagrations, waste amount to be fed to the furnace in each batch should be minimized. Santes takes this issue into consideration while making the design of these systems. The furnace is designed as a static furnace in order to minimize the escape of exhaust gas during deflagration.


Propellant waste incineration systems are designed fully in compliance with EU Waste Incineration Directive (2000/76/EC). In the system there exists static furnace for destruction of the wastes. Flue gas treatment units are included in the system to be in compliance with the emission standards given in 2000/76/EC.