Incinerator Systems

Oily Sludge



Environmental contamination by petroleum and its derivatives is a serious problem worldwide. Considerable amounts of hydrocarbons have been released into water and soil as a result of pipeline leaks, transport accidents, and storage tank ruptures.

Oil extraction and processing operations produce large volumes of oily sludge, which can constitute a severe pollution problem for this industry. The oily sludge contains crude oil (10-60%), water (30-90%) and petroleum solid particles (5-40%) in various proportions depending on its origin.

Oily sludge waste incineration system has been developed by Santes for the sludge from different applications. It is possible to generate energy from the oily sludge waste incineration systems since the calorific value of waste is usually very high. Therefore, Santes offers heat exchanging systems to recover energy in forms of steam, hot water and hot oil as well as electricity