Company Profile

Our company was established in 1990 and specialized in the design and production of Incineration Systems as well as, flue gas treatment systems. Our company, which has grown by showing a great breakthrough in waste disposal systems, stands out with its special designs suitable for the needs of its customers.

In our product range, there are mainly medical, hazardous, municipal, industrial, wastewater sludge, oily sludge, propellant and animal waste Incineration and flue gas treatment systems.

Our company, which complies with the “Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization”, “European Union”, “EPA- USA Environmental Protection Agency” regulations and implements CE certification norms, has designed and produced waste disposal and flue gas in many parts of the world.

Santes Incinerator is an export company, which exports to four continent, leader company in Turkey and among the leading companies in the world when it comes to its field.

Since 2014, we continue our activities in our new factory, which has a manufacturing area of 2,200 m² and an office area of 800 m². In 2020, we also provide 1900 m² new production facility and offer our customers products and services on time and at affordable costs.

With our management system and the awareness of contributing to the production quality of our employees, we are working to recycle substances by complying with environmental, occupational health and safety laws and application rules and preventing occupational accidents, increasing awareness, giving environmental awareness, preventing pollution of resources and minimizing the use of hazardous wastes.


Founded in 1990 and specialized on mainly incineration technology.

Santes has systems throughout the world designed based on different criteria according to customer requests.

Santes moved to its new factory which has a closed area of 2200 m2 and 800 m2 of office area

In conjunction with the incineration systems, Santes manufactures flue gas treatment units which can also be integrated to the incineration systems to reach desired emission standards

Santes manufactures incineration and flue gas treatment systems in compliance with EU, EPA & any other desired emission standards based on customer request.

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